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Navigate your way through the maze, but be warned you're against the clock!

Control Keys are:



SPACE - Thrust

Derek has eaten one too many nuclear curries causing a catastrophic poo explosion. 

Get through the maze to the toilet and back before time runs out and he has another accident, clearing up the poo as you go!!

V1.0 Final Update: 

Finally got around to finishing the game, all levels and collectables are in the correct positions. 

v.0.75 update:  

 - Re-implemented game death when the time runs out. 

 - All levels are now filled, no more blank spaces.

- Music bug fixed, start and end music will now start at the correct speed. 

- Difficulty lowered a little to give players a chance to play to the bottom.

Install instructions

To play the game you will need either an emulator, or a way of using a .SSD disk image on a real BBC. 


Derek Flameshitter and the Pooclear Waste 32 kB
Ivor Dingleberry (Same game, but no swearing) 32 kB
Derek Flameshitter - Acorn Electron Tape 19 kB

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